never miss event deadlines

With plenty of space for event notes you can use fizilog to track and manage your event entries. The easy to read month by month layout is quick and easy to navigate making upcoming events easier to see and plan for.

Putting all the important information in one place means no more web searches every time you want to check registration details so get organised with fizilog and you'll never miss another event deadline.

customised colours make the calendar easier to read

Every event on your calendar gets its own coloured bar. How you use this colour is up to you.

For example, you might assign colours according to the type of event. Black for tarmac, brown for off-road, you get the idea. Or why not use the colours to flag your entry status, "go-go-green" to show pre-registered events, "danger-red" for events where you still need to send out an entry.

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