os maps
Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain right down to street level.

Locating each session on a map helps you to interpret your performance, producing more meaningful results.

Fizilog includes free access to genuine Ordnance Survey mapping for the whole of Great Britain. With resolutions right down to street level you can even use the maps to identify improvements to your regular routes.

right down to street level

Our most detailed mapping is Ordnance Survey Street View. With a 1:10,000 scale this mapping is incredibly detailed showing individual streets and houses. And don't forget fizilog includes all of Great Britain so you can use fizilog anywhere and you're covered.

never get lost in your analysis

When you have hundreds of sessions over many years it's easy to get lost in the detail. Not with fizilog. We've integrated our mapping right into the windows that matter. Click on any analysis trace and the embedded map immediately tracks to show you the precise location on the ground where that data was recorded.

global compatibility

Take an international vacation and still import your GPS logs into fizilog for a 100% complete history. This is because fizilog understands the world's many co-ordinate systems. You can even manipulate the international time zones for any session, making sure everything displays just right in your reports.

Please note that fizilog currently includes mapping for Great Britain only so any sessions recorded outside of this area will not currently be displayed on a map.[1]

[1] We are investigating the addition of mapping areas outside of Great Britain. In the meantime it is still possible to use fizilog internationally without mapping.

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