personalised performance statistics at a glance

Your fizilog dashboard converts session data into performance statistics so you don't have to. Each panel in the 4x3 dashboard displays a single statistic in a large, easy to read font. You choose which statistics you want to show then drag and drop them into position.

filter sessions with tags

Tags are used to filter which sessions to include when calculating your statistics. Tags can be set for a whole dashboard page or for a single statistic. By using tags you can generate more meaningful and personalised statistics that better reflect your true performance.

colour your statistics

Just imagine if there were some way we could make your dashboard even easier to use. Well there is and it's oh so simple... colour.

By assigning colours you can match statistics to real world properties. Brown for dirt, black for tarmac, white for snow, the choice is yours. A logicial coloured display means zero time wasted working out what you are looking at, more time analysing your performance.

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