get more out of your GPS

Your GPS records a blow by blow activity log. All this raw data can tell us much more than just where you've been.

Whatever your choice of navigation device, fizilog imports and interprets your GPS data then tells you how you are performing.

hands free AutoSync

GPS AutoSync automatically detects new sessions in your GPS and imports them into fizilog. You don't need to understand files or computers, all you do is connect your GPS and sit back.

Of course you can also synchronise just the sessions you want manually if you prefer.

[Please note that autosync is currently available for selected Garmin units only. We anticipate extending this to include more devices in the near future]

works with any GPS brand

Fizilog won't tie you down to a single device or manufacturer. It doesn't matter if you use a recreational GPS, GPS enabled phone or GPS tracker, you can use fizilog.

Garmin devices are supported directly through the GPS interface. All other devices work by importing standard third party formats like GPX, TCX and FIT.

[Device specifications are changing all of the time so to be absolutely sure of compatibility we recommend you try our free trial. If you hit any problems then please email our support team]

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